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The Powerpunk Girls 49 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 49

1.Blossom yells at Buttercup who is just steadily beating her two opponents bloody without giving them an opportunity to do anything.

2. Buttercup strikes her two opponents.

3. They land on top of Berserk and Brick.

5-7. Now we go back in time and see Boomer fleeing Bubbles, he grabs a sack of cans and throws them at her. Bubbles catches the cans and hands them back to the lady.

8-9. Boomer is so focused on Bubbles he doesn't notice Brat ahead of him waiting. And he gets caught.

10-11. Unhappy about this he kicks a fire hydrant to soak them all so his lightning bat's energy will more easily electrocute them allowing him to escape. Just out of curiosity, who would you prefer win? Boomer or the pair of twin predators?

12. Brick meanwhile is still trying to get Blossom and Berserk angry enough to fight.
The Powerpunk Girls 48 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 48……

1. A kinetic blast destroys the gas can spraying them with it, without setting it alight.

2-6. The eye beams however set it alight engulfing their faces in flame blinding them and causing intense pain, making them easy for her to attack.

7-9. She slams them together a few times.

10-12. She is now beating the through the air.
The Powerpunk Girls 47 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 47

Sorry had some mechanical issues.

2. They get within the shield in time to avoid another blast.

3-4. Buttercup kicks Butch in the back and uses him as a shield to close in on Brute.

5-8. Brute activte the self destruct on the gun when she sees Buttercup Approaching and drops it expecting Buttercup to grab it.

10-12 Buttercup throws up a can of gasoline into the air while Butch and Brute are fighting.
The Powerpunk Girls 46 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 46

1. Brute smashes into Butch with her right hook, shattering the chunk of wall on his head.

2. She does it again with her left fist.

3. Buttercup kick Brute.

4. Butch uppercuts Buttercup.

5. Buttercup distances herself from Butch and fires off two simultanious kinetic blasts, one is easily blockd by Butch but the other.

6. The other drops some of the building on his head.

7. Brute knows that her skill and strength is no match for either of the other's Skill and experience.

12. Courtesy of the Oppressor. Of course Brute brought a small arm with her and not just the stationary non-kinetic energy weapon.  I didn't quite draw it oversized enough though I don't think.
The Powerpunk Girls 45 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 45…

I think I need to pause a moment to rework the syncing of the three groups. Syncing up the fights is the hard part.

1. Buttercup rips a piece of wall out to try to use as a shield, but Brute's spikes are thrown hard enough to pierce it but they are slowed down enough that they are stopped by Buttercup's bones. So she let go of the shield after the first hit in a split second reaction and used her arms to block three more spikes before the wall even had time to fall.

2. Butch's shield does block so Buttercup go around and behind it. Butch's shield is actually pretty draining to use but as it deflects things that hit it very well, its still can be a very efficient defense if used right.

5. Butch grabs Buttercup's arms right on the stab wound and squeeze to cause her immense pain right into her bones. Bone pain is the worse pain so the act effectively paralyzed her.

6. Brute threw more spikes when Butch dropped his shield that he just deflected with Buttercup.

7. He spins one around for momentum and throws Buttercup.

8. Buttercup flies right pass and distracts Brute.

9. Butch grabs Brute when she is distracted.

10. Brute kicks off her spikes to throw herself backwards slamming Butch into the wall.  Considering that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and those spikes are way smaller than her, those spikes are probably going to end up somewhere on the city outskirts.

11-12. Brute punches into the walls and rips out the wall onto each fist.
My interpretation of Antidote X is that its just a modified version of Chemical X that cancels out Chemical X on a 1 to 1 ratio.

If applied topically it will cancel any active external powers immediately. Flight, telekinetic blasts, the more extreme feats of telekinetic strength and technically the heat beams but the eyes would wash out the antidote X in moments. They would also become vulnerable to bullets but their bodies general damage resistance would be unaffected so they would still be able to weather quite a few shots before succumbing.

Most of their strength, ice breath, polyglot, sonic scream, not really X-ray vision X-ray  Vision, damage resistance and integrity would be unaffected.

If ingested or injected, the antidote X will cancel out an equal amount of chemical X weakening them temporarily, or possibly completely removing all their powers. It can also potentially destabilize them and cause them to fall apart but that is unlikely and would take a huge amount applied all over their body at once as their bodies generate chemical X continuously and generally the first place that Chemical X goes is to ensure the integrity of their components.

It should also be noted that the Powerpuffs, punks and Ruffs would recover quite quickly even from total Chemical X loss as long as they haven't suffered any major wounds along with it. Since none of them ever really conserve their chemical X and often run down to next to nothing on at least a weekly basis. Exception might be the Powerpunk Girls right now as they are spending a lot of time inactive which just gives their Chemical X a lot of time to build. So even if ingested they would be seemingly back to full power in a matter of hours.


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Where are you come from?
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But how could you know how to write Chinsee ?…
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KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
after PPNKG comic, can you an comic about Blossom and Brick switch their places?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Bubbleboy already partially did that. Main thing I would need to figure out before I could do an episode like that that is some original, or at least not overdone humor. Not easy as its a very tired premise. 
KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
I meant Blossom and Brick switch leaderships.
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
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QueenofCraftworld Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hhiii, sorry this is a weird question?? well not really but kinda awkward oops. ANYWAY, I know you're not into shipping ppgxrrb BUT let's say you DID ship them?? would it be ur common colour x colour stuff? im just curious, bc i really like the idea of buttercup x boomer, bubbles x butch, and blossom x brick-- ic of course. i really love how you manage to stay ic, and not let any ships twist your views of the characters! but yeah, how do you feel about those ships?? thanks!
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Not really a question I can answer really well. If you want my opinion and sheer compatibility I'll use the friendship index with consideration for the likelihood of physical attraction. Romance is just deep friendship with added lust anyway. 

Buttercup and Butch have very little compatibility.
Buttercup and Brick have a high compatibility.
Buttercup and Boomer have a low compatibility.

Blossom and Brick have a moderate compatibility.
Blossom and Boomer a moderate Compatibility
Blossom and Butch a low compatibility.

Bubbles and Boomer have a high compatibility.
Bubbles and Brick a low compatibility.
Bubbles and Butch a high compatibility.

Berserk and Blossom have a high compatibility.
Berserk and Brick a low compatibility.
Berserk and Bubbles low.
Berserk and Boomer low.
Berserk and Buttercup Moderate.
Berserk and Butch Moderate.

Brat and Boomer high.
Brat and Bubbles high.
Brat and Buttercup moderate.
Brat and Butch low.
Brat and Brick moderate.
Brat and Blossom low

Brute and Buttercup low.
Brute and Butch moderate.
Brute and Bubbles low.
Brute and Boomer low.
Brute and Blossom moderate.
Brute and Brick Moderate.
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