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The Powerpunk Girls 54 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 54

1-6. One day, Boomer will go to therapy and say "I was ... by Bubbles against my will" and the therapist will laugh him right out of his office.

8-12. Why are they fighting? Not for any reason you can guess.
The Powerpunk Girls 53 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 53

1. She is confused.

2. She is being attacked by birds.

3. Totally original pun.

4. She is still confused.

5. Who knew Fuzzy Lumkins was drawn like a bear.

7. What is she talking about?

9. Oh she has a snake bite. Yeah that makes sense.

10. I'm actually pretty sure a snakebite to the skull is not likely to cause much harm as there is't a lot of flesh to necrotize. But what do I know.

11. He is trying to crawl away.

12. Look! Here is Bubbles to make all the sads go away! Can any of you guess what happens next?
Deviantart broke. Won't let me submit anything.
The Powerpunk Girls 52 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 52……

1. The rope broke! She is saved!

2. The rats are going to eat her! Actually Brat used a knot that tihtened when Bubbles weight fell on it so she would continue to be strangled even if the tension was released. Its actually the main reason even if Brat had thought to jet instead of trying to swing, she still wouldn't have saved herself.

3.  She lives!

4. When she said 'help' in the last page. That activated her special power and the rats heard.

5. He just needs to man up. Amirite?

6. Look at him cower and cry. Disgusting.

7. Brat caught Boomer. Oh deer.

8. Oops probably should have had a heavy lading.

9. Anyone who says it is better to die then... you know what. Is a poser. Or just really naive. Like dying will stop, you know what.

10. Summoning an army of cats! 

11. Oh wait its a snake.

12. How did Brat not see that snake in the bushes when she did the exact same thing? Bet the snake is saying "cauhtcha!" right now.
The Powerpunk Girls 51 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 51

1. Bubbles saves Boomer! Painfully.

2. Brat is surprised. Tries to catch him.

3. Bubbles calmly displays her disapproval. You whats wierd about acoustic energy? Its like a super eathquake. 200 Decibels will kill a person but not due to brute strength, it just shakes things up inside and makes the body throw up air bubbles and stuff. But for some reason try as I might, I can't quite figure out acoustic energy and what it would really look like used in an attack. I imagine at a high enough level it stops being sound and starts just being literal waves of energy bashing into stuff at the speed of sound.

4. She is angry.

5. She realizes her own mistake.

6-7. She fixes her mistake surprising Bubbles with a quick blinding to her eyes.

8. She grbs the rope used to tie Boomer or whats left of it and quickly binds Bubble Arms before she can react.

9. Then she hangs bubbles from the other rope. This is normally not an effective strategy and she doesn't expect it to work but...

10-12. Its working. The lip of the wall is shortening her rope too much. She can't get any momentum to let her fly with and release the tension.
My interpretation of Antidote X is that its just a modified version of Chemical X that cancels out Chemical X on a 1 to 1 ratio.

If applied topically it will cancel any active external powers immediately. Flight, telekinetic blasts, the more extreme feats of telekinetic strength and technically the heat beams but the eyes would wash out the antidote X in moments. They would also become vulnerable to bullets but their bodies general damage resistance would be unaffected so they would still be able to weather quite a few shots before succumbing.

Most of their strength, ice breath, polyglot, sonic scream, not really X-ray vision X-ray  Vision, damage resistance and integrity would be unaffected.

If ingested or injected, the antidote X will cancel out an equal amount of chemical X weakening them temporarily, or possibly completely removing all their powers. It can also potentially destabilize them and cause them to fall apart but that is unlikely and would take a huge amount applied all over their body at once as their bodies generate chemical X continuously and generally the first place that Chemical X goes is to ensure the integrity of their components.

It should also be noted that the Powerpuffs, punks and Ruffs would recover quite quickly even from total Chemical X loss as long as they haven't suffered any major wounds along with it. Since none of them ever really conserve their chemical X and often run down to next to nothing on at least a weekly basis. Exception might be the Powerpunk Girls right now as they are spending a lot of time inactive which just gives their Chemical X a lot of time to build. So even if ingested they would be seemingly back to full power in a matter of hours.


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I love your comics! Hope you can make more! :)
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Thank you.
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Where are you come from?
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KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
after PPNKG comic, can you an comic about Blossom and Brick switch their places?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Bubbleboy already partially did that. Main thing I would need to figure out before I could do an episode like that that is some original, or at least not overdone humor. Not easy as its a very tired premise. 
KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
I meant Blossom and Brick switch leaderships.
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