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The Powerpunk Girls 23 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 23
Previous:The Powerpunk Girls 22

7-9. I had a what if moment. What if Buttercup's  weirdly focused "Nuthin Special' episode wasn't just a cheap and badly thought out attempt to address her lack of a special power, and what if Buttercup's strange rage at people calling them "Powderpuff" instead of "Powerpuff" wasn't just ironic humor but Buttercup actually did have an identity problem. Would make sense. I'm not sold on it, but it could give Brute some much needed depth. So I rolled with it.
The Powerpunk Girls 22 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 22
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1-3. What prompted this? Who knows.

4-5.  Bit klepto.

6 -7. Quick! Lets try some forced dialogue to transition the scene!

10. So... hard... to... color...

12. Too wordy. But you know I hear quite a few people say something along the lines of "The whole world is so small in the universe that nothing matters. If people would just think of that they would realize how silly all the wars and fighting are in the grand scheme of things and stop."

Of course this argument is flawed. As the logic of it actually is more 'pro-war' then 'pro-peace' Since it also declares all the lives involved in the wars meaningless and as such whether the war are fought or not irrelevant. Lives lost irrelevant everything irrelevant so might as well fight them as not. And is most useful in an argument along the lines of "Nothing really matters so might as well focus on one's selfish desires and ambition."

Of course thats the problem with almost any sort of 'bigger then ourselves' reasoning. Everything is relative to the perspective of the individual, because any other line of reasoning that does not use that premise will just be overwhelmed by the scope and tend toward nihilism and apathy. 
I got stuck in a motel with no pencil until Thursday.
The Powerpunk Girls 21 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 21
Next: The Powerpunk Girls 22

1. The Mayor of Cityville! Bet that surprised you.

2. Yep they've learned their lesson. When you do bad things, you suffer the consequences.

5. Except punishment's ability to condition the human psyche is limited and must be reinforced with well reasons to make them not want to do the bad things in the first place rather than want to do bad and just fear the consequences. Fear's power is really limited to be honest and its effect unpredictable.

7. So Many biscuits.

8-9. Well thats mean.

12. A bad omen.
The Powerpunk Girls 20 by PPGcomic
The Powerpunk Girls 20…
Previous: The Powerpunk Girls 19

1-4. She's drowning Berserk!

5-7. And now she hung Berserk out to dry.

8-9. What hellish torment have they fallen into this time?

10. BREAKFAST!? The horror!

11. Dem biscuits.

12. *GASP* Blackmail!? I bet not one of you saw that coming.
My interpretation of Antidote X is that its just a modified version of Chemical X that cancels out Chemical X on a 1 to 1 ratio.

If applied topically it will cancel any active external powers immediately. Flight, telekinetic blasts, the more extreme feats of telekinetic strength and technically the heat beams but the eyes would wash out the antidote X in moments. They would also become vulnerable to bullets but their bodies general damage resistance would be unaffected so they would still be able to weather quite a few shots before succumbing.

Most of their strength, ice breath, polyglot, sonic scream, not really X-ray vision X-ray  Vision, damage resistance and integrity would be unaffected.

If ingested or injected, the antidote X will cancel out an equal amount of chemical X weakening them temporarily, or possibly completely removing all their powers. It can also potentially destabilize them and cause them to fall apart but that is unlikely and would take a huge amount applied all over their body at once as their bodies generate chemical X continuously and generally the first place that Chemical X goes is to ensure the integrity of their components.

It should also be noted that the Powerpuffs, punks and Ruffs would recover quite quickly even from total Chemical X loss as long as they haven't suffered any major wounds along with it. Since none of them ever really conserve their chemical X and often run down to next to nothing on at least a weekly basis. Exception might be the Powerpunk Girls right now as they are spending a lot of time inactive which just gives their Chemical X a lot of time to build. So even if ingested they would be seemingly back to full power in a matter of hours.


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KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
after PPNKG comic, can you an comic about Blossom and Brick switch their places?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Bubbleboy already partially did that. Main thing I would need to figure out before I could do an episode like that that is some original, or at least not overdone humor. Not easy as its a very tired premise. 
KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I meant Blossom and Brick switch leaderships.
PPGcomic Featured By Owner 5 days ago
(1 Reply)
QueenofCraftworld Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
hhiii, sorry this is a weird question?? well not really but kinda awkward oops. ANYWAY, I know you're not into shipping ppgxrrb BUT let's say you DID ship them?? would it be ur common colour x colour stuff? im just curious, bc i really like the idea of buttercup x boomer, bubbles x butch, and blossom x brick-- ic of course. i really love how you manage to stay ic, and not let any ships twist your views of the characters! but yeah, how do you feel about those ships?? thanks!
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Not really a question I can answer really well. If you want my opinion and sheer compatibility I'll use the friendship index with consideration for the likelihood of physical attraction. Romance is just deep friendship with added lust anyway. 

Buttercup and Butch have very little compatibility.
Buttercup and Brick have a high compatibility.
Buttercup and Boomer have a low compatibility.

Blossom and Brick have a moderate compatibility.
Blossom and Boomer a moderate Compatibility
Blossom and Butch a low compatibility.

Bubbles and Boomer have a high compatibility.
Bubbles and Brick a low compatibility.
Bubbles and Butch a high compatibility.

Berserk and Blossom have a high compatibility.
Berserk and Brick a low compatibility.
Berserk and Bubbles low.
Berserk and Boomer low.
Berserk and Buttercup Moderate.
Berserk and Butch Moderate.

Brat and Boomer high.
Brat and Bubbles high.
Brat and Buttercup moderate.
Brat and Butch low.
Brat and Brick moderate.
Brat and Blossom low

Brute and Buttercup low.
Brute and Butch moderate.
Brute and Bubbles low.
Brute and Boomer low.
Brute and Blossom moderate.
Brute and Brick Moderate.
Misse-the-cat Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member Student Artist
Can you do a crossover comic about Powerpuff Girls meets Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
Sorry, no I cannot, I stick with soft-canon quality fan fiction.
KingofTheDragons1 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
when you make another RRB comic, can you make them have 4th wall breaks?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
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