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Major Pain 24 by PPGcomic
Major Pain 24

1-4. Well one commenter was half right.

7-8. I need to make a journal entry on my interpretation of the powerpuff powers.  But its important when making good action scenes to always establish hard and solid rules, definitions, limitations and explanations so a predictable cause and effect can be achieved. This is what allows a fight scene to be its own narrative rather then just a bunch of flash. And sometimes I do have to pick and hoose when the cartoon gives contradicting info.

And I tried to illustrate my interpretation if the Powerpuff Bullet resistance here. In my mind they aren't bullet proof like superman. Its just when they are hit chemical X is expended to cancel out the impacting kinetic energy. Btu as you can see it still hits them, it still hurts them and it still bruises them. And sometimes when their chemical X is low or possibly for a few othr reasons, the Chemical X fails to counter the energy of the bullet, and a bullet pierces their skin and wrecks havok. They aren't like super man, they aren't made of steel, they are as soft and squishy as any other human. And that means when they run into a hail of bullets, they say ow.

9-12. Why is there a rocket!? Also Femme Fatale shot that them to stall them so she would have enough time to put in the launch command. But Buttercup wasn't as stalled as her sisters were.
Major Pain 23 by PPGcomic
Major Pain 23

I get asked a lot of fetish questions by a lot of people and I'm not sure why. And sometimes I reflexively answer them without thinking, because just having the question asked is enough to cause my brain to automatically analyze it. Does Blossom go Commando. Do the Powerpuff Girls stockings stink?Think Boomer will feed Bubbles until she a blimp?  How ticklish are the Powerpuff Girls?Would Buttercup pimp herself out?  Would X have sex with X? What would the Powerpuff Girls pee taste like?

 Why do people ask me in the first place? What part of my comics makes them think I'm a Powerpervert fan's encyclopedia? I don't even do shipping. I'm not going to hold it against people for being perverts, but I really don't want to contemplate the taste of Powerpuff or anyone's pee. Seriously, I feel awkward enough being a grown man drawing Powerpuff Girl fan comics. I don't want this compounded by being asked sex stuff. So please, I ask, keep your questions safe and family friendly. Or at least try to disguise your questions better. 

1-4. In case you are confused, Port is mad at Starbioard because right after he took her gun, they got the go ahead to shoot Sedusa. Also, remember, guns don't work this way. Bending them would cause the metal to stress out, making it likely that the barrel will rupture when fires. Plus being a revolver system it makes jamming like a certainty. But its a little funnier.

6-12. To throw something into space requires, if I recall correctly, a velocity of 8,000 miles per hour. Not too hard.
Major Pain 21 by PPGcomic
Major Pain 21

1-2 Buttercup just blew away the areosol spray that was obfuscating the thermal and indra red and whatever scans the marshals were using.

3. Sedusa cringes expecting to be blown awaay.

4. Remembers that the police procedures prohibit them from intefering with the superheroes, that includes trying to help them.

5. But Blossom manages to press the button she was given sending a high burst of static which is the signal they need help.

6. Beat Panel.

7. Bullets, Bullets everywhere. You know Sedusa is the only villain the Powerpuff Girls actually tried to depower and remove as a threat. Which they failed at because Sedusa's real power is that indestructible neck of hers. Of course it was just so the writers had an excuse not to use her anymore. 

8. Blended. The word she was going to say is blended.

9. Censoring hugs!

10. He is in shock.

11. Medical hugs!

12.She's dead Jim.
Major Pain 20 by PPGcomic
Major Pain 20

I thought this page would be easy to draw and color as it was simple artistically. But I must have sweated on it or something because I ended up with a serious case of dirty page syndrome after scanning it. I also hoped this page would be amusing in a physical comedy sort of way,  but after making it I realized it was dull and nothing more then a transitional page.
My interpretation of Antidote X is that its just a modified version of Chemical X that cancels out Chemical X on a 1 to 1 ratio.

If applied topically it will cancel any active external powers immediately. Flight, telekinetic blasts, the more extreme feats of telekinetic strength and technically the heat beams but the eyes would wash out the antidote X in moments. They would also become vulnerable to bullets but their bodies general damage resistance would be unaffected so they would still be able to weather quite a few shots before succumbing.

Most of their strength, ice breath, polyglot, sonic scream, not really X-ray vision X-ray  Vision, damage resistance and integrity would be unaffected.

If ingested or injected, the antidote X will cancel out an equal amount of chemical X weakening them temporarily, or possibly completely removing all their powers. It can also potentially destabilize them and cause them to fall apart but that is unlikely and would take a huge amount applied all over their body at once as their bodies generate chemical X continuously and generally the first place that Chemical X goes is to ensure the integrity of their components.

It should also be noted that the Powerpuffs, punks and Ruffs would recover quite quickly even from total Chemical X loss as long as they haven't suffered any major wounds along with it. Since none of them ever really conserve their chemical X and often run down to next to nothing on at least a weekly basis. Exception might be the Powerpunk Girls right now as they are spending a lot of time inactive which just gives their Chemical X a lot of time to build. So even if ingested they would be seemingly back to full power in a matter of hours.


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Why is Brute holding a pole? :?
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You have amazing comics, kind of as if there was a season 7 of the PPG. Your headcanons are great, and the cartoon aspect is believable. The art is good (unlike a few other people who turned out to be scammers,) and the referencing is awesome. There will be a new series of the Powerpuff girls, which is 100% official. The voices will be different, and it will be in the modern style. During this time, will the comics still continue?
PPGcomic Featured By Owner May 25, 2015
Depends entirely on how well it keeps the spirit of the original and builds upon it.
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