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March 25, 2012
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The Day is Doomed Title by PPGcomic The Day is Doomed Title by PPGcomic
This page will also act as a table of contents.

Next… Slideshow version:…

Butter Luck Next Time… Slideshow Version Part… Part 2:…

An Extreme Blossom Slideshow Version Part… Part…

Cop and Three Hundreths:… Video Version Part… Part…

Boys Just Want to Have Fun:… Video Version Part… Part…

Poor Princess:……

Ruff Education:…
Slideshow Part 1:… Part 2:

Cry Hard, In a Junkyard:… Slideshow part 1:… Part…

Not Rebirthday:

Slide part… Part…

Fuzz Buster:… Slideshow:…


Slide Show part…

Safety… Slideshow:……
Slideshow: Part…

Slideshow Part…

The Doppelpuffs:…
Slideshow Part… Part……

The following in short says that I drew these because it was like watching an episode in slow motion, and posted these here so the Is can view them.

In early January of this this year, 2012 I was surfing the channel guide rather bored and listless. I had been bored and listless for a few weeks. When I saw the Powerpuff Girls on Boomerang and for no reason at all, and I mean that. I had already seen them years ago when I was 12, well a few episodes and I did not like them. I cannot think of a single reason I did this. Other then one of those pointless random things you do when you are bored. I decided to watch it.

The episode on was Lying Around The House and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it immensely, I also enjoyed the subsequent episodes. And I found myself thinking about those episodes all through the night and through the next day. So I decided to watch it again, and then again, and then again.

It was literally the only thing in the days I found myself enjoying. Which is extremely weird as I'm not the kind of person who should like a show called the Powerpuff Girls. I mean, my favorite movie is Shoot 'em up. A cartoon, much less a cute one (though gratifyingly violent and filled with mature but somehow not vulgar jokes) should not be the kind of thing that entertains me. But it did.

So I found myself watching it every day for a couple weeks until 'Custody Battle' came on. That stoked my curiosity, and so i went online to see what happened in its aftermath. And in doing so I discovered the one thing I loathe more then even romantic plots, and open ending. Open endings tend to make me a bit sick in the stomach if its a plot I was really interested in. But its happened a number of times before and I know how to deal with them. (distraction)

But the thing I leaned that caused a most unexpected reaction from me was when I saw how few episodes were actually made for the Powerpuff girls. Just over 70. This meant that in just two to three weeks I would have watched all the Powerpuff Girl Episodes. And this made my stomach hurt. It took me a few moments but I soon realized it was causing panic in me.

The days passed and I couldn't get the Powerpuff Girls out of my head, I heard their theme music in the back of mind regardless of what I was doing. Not even watching my action DVD (action scenes taken from all the movies I own and cut together to play consecutively, skipping all the boring parts) could drive them from my thoughts.

Yeah, it didn't take me long to realize I was obsessed. Not sure how to deal with it I tried going cold turkey. But it drove me to such distraction that I couldn't even do my job properly, so I decided to try drowning it.

I went onto the interne and tried to find all the PPG related stuff I could find. First I found Bleedman's comic, which was not what I was looking for.

Then I went on youtube and found these wonderful PPG comic parties (though the ones pairing up the rowdyruff boys and powerpuff girls were kind of creepy) and lo, while watching them I was able to relax. Then I ran out of them. So I looked for other things on there, some were good (Deja view, they're coming to take Butch away), some were just ok, most sucked, but I quit youtube when I came across what promised to be adorable. It was a video called 'Tick Tock' that had a four panel picture of Bubbles looking and smiling at herself in the other panels.

How can you go wrong with a song called 'tick tock' that sounds like a nursery rhyme and Bubbles? I soon learned the folly of my arrogance, Oh dear, I learned.

So having been chased away from youtube I went looking around, stumbled upon some official Rowdyruff boy comics, from cartoon action comics. There are 4 made in total, but only two were on that Rowdyruff boy fansite.

Then I thought to myself "Its been a couple years since the last powerpuff girl comic party, maybe there are more on deviantart? Or at least maybe some pictures that will do the job."

So I came here and begin looking through the powerpuff girl stuff, I soon found that the people on Deviantart are an extremely creepy lot, reading the comments is like reading some sort of coherent insanity. I found it significantly worst then the pure insanity of youtube comments and the violent insanity of everywhere else. So I just stopped reading the comments. And managed to find two decent full PPG comics on here. Though one was actually RowdyRuff Boys and still a work in progress.

But the plain images alone weren't doing it for me, when they weren't creepy they were just, I don't know, there.

Desperate and still obsessed I decided to just draw my own, and I did it. It was a lot like watching an episode in very slow motion and calmed me. After drawing four of them I decided to redraw, scan them in, colorize them and then that might be better.

So I did it, halfway through the one you are about to read I realized that while I was still searching for Powerpuff girl content this is the kind of thing I would have liked to stumble upon. After thinking long and hard I decided that if i placed it on DeviantART it should remain obscure enough to avoid any real attention while still being here for myself to read. Or other people like me. Though I'm guessing I'm a rare case.

And The Powerpuff Girls is an intellectual property owned by Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers Animation and its subsidiaries.
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I tried out turning this episode into a slide show hoping to make it more episode like. Tell me what you think.
Link is adjacent to next.
You know when they were fighting it is brick and bubbles boomer and buttercup butch and blossom that why I said fighting order
Oh okay. I understand now. :)
My favorite is not rebirthday when they are fighting I love the fighting order
Fighting order?
This is awesome
I agree, its doubly awesome.
we should be friends because I like making ppg and rrb comics to and what is your favorite comic you ever made at of all the ones you made
Favorite? Lets me think, well, probably Butter Luck Next Time. Mostly because thats the only one that thinking about doesn't bring to mind any regrets or trepidations.

And I guess if you want to friend me you can. Though whether we will actually be friends will depend on time and circumstance.
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